Tualatin, Oregon

Our Neighbor Tualatin, a Town Near Tigard.  Tualatin Oregon is located in our Washington County and is a neighbor to our Tigard community located just south of us. Many of our patients reside in this lovely town.

At the time of the last U.S census, the population was 26,054, but the city is growing everyday as its natural beauty intrigues new residents.

Many natural trails wind through the community and there are over 200 acres of parks and green space in this place where wildlife has a refuge.  Even the downtown area includes the beautiful Lake of the Commons.

Even though Tualatin is only a short twenty minutes from downtown Portland, you will find plenty of great shopping opportunities that make Tualatin a very convenient place to not only live but to shop.

The famous outdoor sports emporium, Cambela’s has made a home here and there are several country clubs for those who love to golf.

The Tualatin River is not big enough for regular boats to cruise, but you can kayak or paddle board your way through this majestic river.  The wildlife will delight and dazzle you as float through beautiful scenery.

The city actually takes its name from the Tualatin River. The river flows along the city’s most northern boarder and the name of the river is a Native American term for lazy.

The city is a perfect blend of commerce and natural beauty which is why so many people are attracted to this little Portland Oregon suburb.