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Brenda Harper

Having been in the dental field I am very picky about who does my cleanings and dental work. This whole office does a great job. DR. was efficient and quick, Lulu the best, Meleen very helpful with a problematic insurance company. Kim and Tanya always cheerful. It’s refreshing to see a staff that enjoys working together.

D. Davenport

Dr. Susan Weinberg’s dental office is such a relaxing enjoyable environment to be in while waiting for your appointment and while getting your work done. Each time I go to get my teeth cleaned, Molly makes it so fun! She takes the time to ask about my family. I just love talking about our kids!!! It’s rare when you get to laugh at your dentist office and enjoy your time there despite having to get work done! I just love their cookies and coffee, too!! The whole team is wonderful!!! Keep up the good work you guys!!!Thanks,Dena Davenport

Brushing Monkey

Dr. Weinberg is one of those dentists that is so nice that she attracts other nice people. Everyone in her office is so nice and friendly. Kim and Meleen are on it like a bonnet as soon as you call. Lulu taught me more in one session about tooth care than any other dental hygienist i have ever been to. Tanya has everything under control from the time you get in the door, to the time you leave the door. It’s worth a drive from Vancouver or Woodburn!

Jamie Bonniger
 Aubrey Mertens
I found Dr. Weinberg through my insurance provider and after reading some great reviews I called to make my first appointment to schedule a checkup and cleaning. I recently moved to Tigard and needed to establish a new dentist in the area. I received such great service over the phone and they were able to get me an appointment that fit with my schedule. It was so nice meeting Dr. Weinberg she had a wonderful sense of humor and was so friendly. Dr. Weinberg also helped me with a orthodontic referral, recommended some care options for my uninsured boyfriend and also was upfront with costs of some minor things I needed done. Lourinda was the nicest dental hygienist I have ever had! She did such a great job of explaining everything she was doing and why. I felt so comfortable in her care and enjoyed talking with her during my visit. To put a cherry on top I was given a warm cookie after my appointment. I am excited to go back for my next visit. Thank you so much Dr. Weinberg and crew!
Karen Warfield
Every time I go to Dr. Weinberg’s I’m met with the most genuinely friendly staff — each of them make it a point to make you as comfortable as possible, and the heated massaging dental chairs definitely help, too! All of the dental work is top notch and Dr. Weinberg and her staff are very gentle and precise in order to keep things pain free. I’m glad to have found a dentist who I can trust with my dental health and who is so friendly and kind! I’ll definitely be returning to Dr. Weinberg’s office for many years to come.
Logan Wilson
This office is so amazing! My last cleaning was so smooth and I was not scared one bit. Just the precise, swift wrist movements of each and every dental hygienist at the very talented office of Susan Weinberg DMD, is so similar to the brush strokes of famous painters like Van Gogh and El Greco. I can’t even explain how extraordinary the front office ladies are. Meleen and Tonya are so intelligent and quick, ranked as high as Einstein and the people who formed the great United States. This is every nations dream to have a dentist office like this office!
Lyn McKinney
Recently moved into the area and needed a new dentist to repair a broken front tooth. Was lucky enough to get an appointment right away and close to where I live. Met both doctors and staff and found everyone to be so nice and made me feel so welcome.
 Joy Anne Shuman
Thank you is my first thought, wonderful, and amazing are next. I am like many, very nervous about all things dental. So my heart was put at such ease from the moment I was greeted till our final farewell. The desk staff, and the assistants were so kind. Meeting Dr Weinberg was an event! She was fun, and so gracious her bubbly personality made me start smiling and even as nervous as I was I think I never stopped smiling thru the entire visit. She explained each step, gave me breaks to breath and did such a marvelous job. Yes the shots did hurt but she made me feel so comfortable that it was over before it really got bad. And the way all the staff joked, and bantered I felt at home. No wonder she had such great reviews! The pictures of the staff so doesn’t do them justice as it did not capture the compassion, joy and love they shared not only with their patients but with one another. I am looking forward to a long relationship with them as we work together for my dental health. Thank you so much for your thoughtful care.
 Kristen Mann
I am so glad I found Dr. Weinberg’s office. Dr. Nguyen and her team are fantastic! They will make you feel like family. From the moment I walk in the door and Meleen greets me by name to the moment I leave and Tanya helps me with the bill I feel well taken care of. They are lovely. Rachael is the best dental assistant EVER. She truly excels at her job and has such a fantastic attitude. I wish I could clone her many times over! Dr. Nguyen really cares about her patients and doing the right thing for them. She listens and takes care in her work which is much appreciated considering it is my mouth…1f642. We even did 3 crowns at once with my “Dream Team” as I call them and they had me smiling and laughing all the way through 3 hours of work – now that’s saying something!

I have had a lot of dental work done in my life and the experiences I have at Dr. Weinberg’s are truly exceptional. I would (and do) highly recommend them!

Jessica Hughes

I am so impressed with this office. I ended up having an appt following this one and they were able to get everything done and out of the office earlier than expected, without skipping any steps. The staff was friendly and they were clear about what to expect and cost. There was no up selling. The office is clean and equipment is up to date, but not over the top – so you don’t feel like they are trying to nickel and dime you to cover expensive, fancy, use once in a blue moon machinery. They have plenty of reminders. Thank you to the front desk staff, my hygienist, and Dr. Nguyen for making this a great experience!

Therese Bromander

I first started going to Dr.Weinberg’s office when I was only 10 years old. Now I have graduated from UO and even though I live in Eugene I still make it up to Tigard for all my dental care. I have been getting my teeth cleaned by Lourinda for over 10 years and I look forward to my regular cleanings because I know she does a great job. At this point everyone is the office is like family.

As someone with severe needle phobia, Dr.Weinberg and everyone else has always made sure I feel safe when it is time to get a cavity fixed. Couldn’t imagine getting my teeth taken care of by anyone else. So thankful to have such a good dentist! That’s not something many can brag about.

 Allison Gabriele Cichoke

I’ve never been a big fan of going to the doctor. After over 50 years of life, that certainly changed the day I first walked into Dr Weinberg’s office. The staff there is absolutely wonderful, immediately making you feel at ease. Whether its talking about our Blazers, or whose doggie pictures are cuter, or sharing the latest gardening tips. Heck they even have chocolate chip cookies in the waiting room! And Dr Weinberg is as cool as they come…Simply the best! Even though I don’t have an appt, at times I feel like stopping by to say hey to everyone. And their dental care is second to none! I’m a lifetime member of the Weinberg Club!!

Dorothy Lacliare-Walsh

Today was my first visit to Dr. Weinberg. I had a very good first impression starting with the office receptionist and things just got better from there. Everyone I dealt with were wonderful! I had a positive experience along with a great cleaning and exam. Thank you Dr. Weinberg and staff!

Gary Beckley

Dr. Weinberg and her staff are kind and caring. I have been extremely happy with everything. From the moment I walk in everyone knows my name and remembers my children, where I work, and details from past visits – it’s always nice to feel that they care about me as an individual.

 Maiji Rene Thio

Amazing group! They always make you feel welcomed and happy to see you. Our son recently had his first appointment with Debbie and Dr Weinberg, he’s a very cautious child and was extremely nervous about the appointment. They took such good care and time with him, it was so easy! My son left the appointment with a huge grin and has been talking about it non-stop to anyone who will listen! I can’t say enough positive things! Great job ladies!!!

 Benny David Gonzales

The only Dentist office I have ever gone to and I couldn’t be more happy with that fact! It feels like family and they do great work, I always feel my teeth are in great hands.

Shari Stars

This is the best dentist in the world. I was having a bad day, and I had an appointment to go to a dentist I never been before. Each person was kind as soon as I walked in the door. They where nice from start to finish.

 Krista Dunton

Dr weinberg and her staff were very friendly, I appreciate that they took time to walk me through the cost and what my insurance would cover for future procedures before scheduling.

Kerensa Brogham

Love Dr. Weinberg and ALL her staff! I started with her as my dentist many years ago, and now our whole family goes there. I’ve recommended her to numerous friends, and will continue to do so. You guys are awesome!!!

Joe Bachmeier

I’ve been going to see Susan and company since about 2008 when i lived in Tigard. Even though I’ve moved farther away I keep going back because they are such great people with wonderful service. I recommend them to everyone I can.

Ashley VanMeter

This is a great office to go to! I love Dr. Nguyen– very friendly, fast, and funny! The staff and Dr. Weinberg are also amazing! I lost a filling over the last year.. And they got me in quickly to repair it at no cost. Very thankful!

Rochelle Deans

I recently had a filling completed by Dr. Weinberg, and the fact that she decided on the filling at all is reason enough for five stars. I grind my teeth–always have–and had worn down the enamel on a few of my teeth to the point of not having any. But that was years ago. It was only when I came to Dr. Weinberg that I was told it was an easily solvable problem. So far I have had a filling in the tooth with the least enamel, and not only is the sensitivity gone, she used the filling to reshape my tooth so it looked straighter than it was. Amazing service, kind people, highly recommended.

Lauren Darke

I have never enjoyed going to the dentist, but this most recent trip to Dr. Weinberg’s was so easy I might be changing my tune. Everyone was seriously friendly, and I spent way more time laughing than I ever thought I would in a dental office. From the moment I walked through the door everyone was super welcoming and helpful. Even figuring out my insurance was a breeze! Dr. Nguyen and her wonderful assistant Rachael got my teeth bright and shiny in what felt like no time at all, and even though they found a cavity, I was fixed up and good to go in under an hour! I will definitely be returning. Five stars for sure!!

 Eric Bramwell

Thank you so much for donating your time helping veterans. It means more than you can ever know.
Camille Casero
It’s hard for me to give anyone or anything a 5-star rating. I like to allow room for improvement. Dr. Weinberg’s office comes close, though! A switch in insurance meant I had to leave a long-time dentist. Dr. Weinberg and staff made the switch easier than I thought! Her staff is very friendly and have been together for a while, which speaks to the good office vibe. Dr. Weinberg had a slightly different method for making bite adjustments, which was effective. The perks – treats and gift cards – are also something I had not experienced before. And, I learned of some new places to camp! Dr. Weinberg’s practice was recommended to me and I would recommend it to others!
Jenn Baker
I have never experienced a more welcoming and fun group of women as the staff here at Dr. Weinberg’s office. I searched for a long time for the right fit, and I KNOW this office is exactly what I was looking for.
Leigh Matthews
I have never experienced a more welcoming and fun group of women as the staff here at Dr. Weinberg’s office. I searched for a long time for the right fit, and I KNOW this office is exactly what I was looking for.
Barb Stock
From the moment you walk thru the door, you can feel the warmth and see the smiles. It’s not everyone’s favorite place to go…but we all have to at one point during the year. Check up, hygiene, tooth ache, broken tooth! Whatever the reason, the comfort and caring is what you get from Dr. Weinberg and her team. You’ll leave looking forward to your next visit! Oh and you can’t forget about the cookies I would recommend a visit and see for yourself…
Alana SK

I’ve seen SO MANY dentists in my life, and had some pretty bad experiences at the clinic where I received treatment before finding Dr. Weinberg’s office. When I came to her, I was a bit gun-shy about dental care, and worried her office would treat me like the last — like I was a bother and not worthy of being a part of my own dental decisions.

I’ve been with Dr. Weinberg for a few years now and completely look at my experience of the dentist’s office differently. Dr. Weinberg and her team of wonderful women treat all of their patients like family. They are professional, informative and welcome my questions regarding my care. Since going to Dr. Weinberg’s office, I no long dread or fear the dentist. I would recommend her to anyone looking for quality dental care in the greater Portland area — truly a no fear and friendly experience.

Laura Fisher

Dr. Weinberg and her staff clearly love what they do, and love working together. I am always greeted by name and with a smile. I’m not one who is afraid of the dentist, but the hygienists’ and doctor’s demeanor still puts me at ease. They are also willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you’re taken care of. I grind my teeth, so I had a mouth guard made. The staff made sure that it fit well and was comfortable, even though it took 3 tries.

Mack Florence

Susan is the most amazing dentist I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to a lot of dentists. Her staff was absolutely incredible. Zero pain through my experience. Rachel and Courtney were incredibly focused and fun to work with. I’ve finally found my dentist for the rest of my life or until Susan retires. Please do yourself a favor and make an office visit today.

John Naccarato

I have been going to see Dr. Weinberg for many years. I can honestly say by far she does the best work, her staff is amazing, and everything about her and her office is top notch. The only reason I would ever change is if she retires, which I told her she cannot do!

Sandy Majowicz

I can’t say I love going to the dentist, but going to Dr. Weinberg is always so comfortable. All her staff are like our friends, so warm and helpful. Anytime I hear someone say they need a new dentist I highly recommend Dr. Weinberg. Thank you for helping me keep my teeth!